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Mom’s Fajitas

Fajitas were a staple in our house when I was a kid. My mom marinated the meat the night before, and we cooked up a big pan of fajita meat and veggies for dinner. More often than not, I would eat the fajita meat and veggies mixed together in a bowl, smothered in melted cheese, […]

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Quick Sauteed Beets

I love roasted beets. I also love quick meals. Sometimes after a long day of work, I don’t want to spend all night in the kitchen cooking. Instead, I’ve learned a little cheat for veggies that I would usually roast. I microwave them and then either finish them with a broiler, kitchen torch, or sautéed […]

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The Tackiest House on the Block

I live in a neighborhood that goes ga-ga about decorating for the holidays. Some houses decorate for Halloween with their entire yards covered in themed spooky decor. They play movies on their garage doors on Halloween night. We even have a house that has a group of Thanksgiving turkey and pilgrim inflatables. But, nothing compares […]

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Tomato Salad

I’m a fan of easy recipes. I especially love recipes that are just as tasty dressed up to take to a potluck as they are dressed down in my lunchbox for work. This tomato salad recipe fits the criteria. I like to use a small heirloom tomato blend for the salad. I like the color of […]