Finals week!

Well, it’s that time of year again… It’s finals week. For the first time that I can remember, my finals week doesn’t seem like it will be too bad. I only have 1 exam, 1 short paper, and 2 projects due. I have already written the paper, one of the projects is 98% done, the other project is 50% done, and the exam will be whatever it will be.

My finals schedule is as follows:

Monday: Short reflection paper due about my documentary on an Iraqi refugee in the Triangle area (already done!)

Tuesday: Audio documentary about a Burmese refugee in the Triangle area due by 12pm (98% done)

Friday: Arabic exam 9am-12pm & Public Policy portfolio due by 5pm (50% done)

I am trying my hardest to stay on task and to get all of my work and studying done early. So far, I seem to be sticking to my goals. However, the one wrench in this glorious plan for exam week domination happens to be this treacherous cough that is wreaking havoc on my ability to sleep at night. Not even my cough syrup seems to be working. Good thing that I’ve already put myself ahead in case this cough starts to impact my study/work schedule, which I’m sure it will.

Afterall, it is nearly 5am and I’m still awake coughing. I highly doubt that I’m going to have the energy to be in the audio lab from 10am until I finish my project. I had planned to go into the lab at 10am so that I would have more than ample time to finish my project (hopefully by lunch time). Now, it seems that I will be lucky if I get into lab by lunch time and then I will probably end up staying there until dinner time. Good thing that I got started early and gave myself an enormous amount of cushion time for all of my work.