I am a university senior. By all logic, I should not have class on Fridays. I’ve always had class on Fridays, but it’s usually 1 class around noon. All of a sudden, I have only one Friday class… at 8:30am. So now, instead of relaxing with friends, enjoying an ice cold beer on Thursday nights, I am stuck doing homework.

I can’t remember the last time that I slept more than 4 hours on a Thursday night. By the time I finish classes Thursday, go to info sessions, eat dinner and do homework, it’s usually 4am. It just so happens that I always have more homework due on Friday mornings than I seem to have due all week. Logic would tell me to start my Friday homework earlier in the week. But there’s just no time. I used to dread the thought of a 40 hour work week. Now I’m thinking that it won’t be so bad because I won’t be up till 4am doing work.

So my typical Friday goes as follows:
12-4am – Homework
4-7:45am – Sleep
8:30-9:45am – Class
9:45-11am – Errands
11am-2:30pm – Sleep
2:30-9pm – Homework and Job Applications
9pm-12am – Hang out with friends

My life is so cool. I bet my Fridays are more fun than most college kids… or not.