Off to Alexandria!

Today was the last day of our work at St. Andrews. We had a celebration for the students. Of course, being the way things are here, the classrooms were flooded with water and the pizza we ordered showed up 45 minutes late. I’m exhausted from the past few days (being sick yet again), so I’ll have to post more about today later.

Anyway, the reason for my post is to let you know that we’ll be in Alexandria this weekend. We’re leaving at 9:30 tomorrow morning, driving 3 hours there by bus, and then staying there Friday night and coming back to Cairo sometime on Saturday. So I’m going to be out of e-mail contact for a little bit. If you need to reach me, use my cell phone (I posted the number in an earlier post). The cheapest way is to use Skype to call my cell phone.

Over and out!