The Tackiest House on the Block

I live in a neighborhood that goes ga-ga about decorating for the holidays. Some houses decorate for Halloween with their entire yards covered in themed spooky decor. They play movies on their garage doors on Halloween night. We even have a house that has a group of Thanksgiving turkey and pilgrim inflatables.

But, nothing compares to Christmas. While the rest of the world is spending way too much money on Black Friday shopping, my neighbors set up their Christmas lights displays. They have strings and strings of lights, inflatables, and all sorts of creative displays. A group of houses a few blocks over won a nationwide Christmas Lights competition last year.

This year, decided to join the fun and festivities with a small, tacky display. I found a bunch of plastic pink flamingos on clearance at the hardware store, ordered a few tiny Santa hats online, and voila! I sewed the Santa hats on the flamingos’ heads by sewing two loops around the flamingos’ heads: one at the beak and the other at the neck.