I’m baaaaack!

It’s been a long time since I’ve actively blogged, and a lot has happened in that time. I have moved halfway across the country twice–first landing in Texas for a year and then in Arizona. Since moving to Arizona, I’ve already encountered my first scorpion. It took me by surprise.

Warning: fish story ahead.

I was making my morning coffee when a 2 foot long monster leapt at me (read: a 1 inch scorpion scurried across the counter). I have no clue how loud I screamed, but I do know that I grabbed a bottle of Raid and sprayed it like Sigourney Weaver with a flamethrower. Did you know that Raid doesn’t kill scorpions on contact and that those monsters can keep running? So, I did what any creature-loving, kind-hearted human would do–I bludgeoned it with a cardboard paper towel roll until the monster was split in half. That experience got my heart rate pumping almost enough to make me think I didn’t need coffee. Almost.

One trip to Lowe’s later, and we are the proud owners of a bag of diatomaceous earth and a UV blacklight flashlight. Juice* spread the bag all around the house, the walls, and in every nook and cranny. Tonight, we went on a scorpion hunt with the blacklight… and yes, that is apparently a thing people do here. We found a part of a dead scorpion near our patio and then what was arguably a scorpion or a spider hiding in the rocks near our house. The part of the dead scorpion glowed bright neon yellow. The other creature glowed orange and had a pattern on its back. I think it was a spider, but Juice* is convinced it was a scorpion. I am more than happy to let this mystery stand. Neither of us wanted to get any closer to determine the truth.


*The boyfriend has chosen to be called “Juice” on this blog. I am 99% certain he was joking, but I’m calling his bluff. We’ll see how long the name “Juice” lasts. I was going to suggest he go by something a little closer to his personality.