Happy 4th of July!

Well, it seems that I have my third round of food poisoning this week. I ate at the American restaurant Chili’s last night. We even had a birthday celebration there for Uncle Sam. They brought us a cake and sang some weird version of Happy Birthday. (One of the guys in our group said his name was Sam.)

Like I said early on in my stay here in Cairo: Cairo is a great place to lose weight. Whether it’s all the walking, the constant sweating, or the food poisoning, you are bound to lose some weight here.

Anyway, a few of us girls are taking ourselves to a nice hotel for the weekend. We need some time to pamper ourselves with air conditioning, real beds, and maybe even some pool time.

Later today, we’re heading over to a 4th of July party with the US Embassy. I hope you all are enjoying Independence Day as much as we are!