A few photos from this summer

Here we are in Al-Azhar Mosque/University, which is arguably the oldest university in the world. All of the girls had to wear head scarfs and a few even had to put on galabiyyas there.

Crossing the street in Cairo is definitely an adventure!

Occasionally the classrooms where we teach flood with water, so we have to adapt our lesson plans. On that day, we decided to play soccer at the church!

These are two of my students working hard, taking their weekly quiz.

Here we all are, enjoying a nice felucca ride on the Nile.

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself. So a few of us girls treated ourselves to a day at they pool. And yes, those are THE Great Pyramids in the background!

This is the view from outside our hotel room of the paradise that is Sharm Al-Sheikh. When I imagine Heaven, it looks a little something like this!